What is Clinomania?

Clinomania is defined it as excessive desire to remain in bed or called as morbid sleepiness.

Clinomania is also known as DYSANIA (Synonym).

It is derived from a Greek word “CLINO” means “BED” and “MANIA” means “ADDICTION.” A Person suffering from Clinomania is called ‘Clinomaniac’.

It is an Anxiety Disorder where a person likes to stay in bed as long as possible and has no intention or will power to wake up.


It is a serious condition where no amount of sleep is good enough. A Clinomaniac always feel satisfied when he or she remains in bed for a longer duration. A person also feels lazy in waking up from the bed.

It hinders a person’s ability to lead a normal and healthy life, because all that they think of, is getting another hour or hours of sleep, even though he/she has slept for 12-14 hours a day. (A Healthy person requires 6-8 Hours of Sleep).

Clinomania is often associated with other anxiety disorders such as depression and chronic fatigue syndrome, We suggest you to consult a Physicalist or a Physician for the same. Clinomania is different in lot of ways and it may not be associated with depression or any chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is termed as mania because it denotes an obsession with the bed. A Clinomaniac’s acute craving for sleep can be related to mental stress or psychological problems also. A person suffering from Clinomania often finds himself/herself isolated from other people and does not attend social gatherings and parties. He/She always will try to go to sleep and stay in bed for hours together.