Sleep anxiety is the fear of falling asleep and staying keep alone. It is also known as sleep phobia, hyper phobia clinophobia or sleep dread it causes extreme anxiety and fear around the thought of going to bed.

sleep anxiety


  • Feeling share of anxiety when thinking about sleeping
  • Experiencing distress as it gets closer to bedtime avoiding going to bed or staying up as long as possible
  • Having panic attacks when it’s time to sleep
  • Having trouble focusing on things besides sleep-related worry and fear.
  • Experiencing irritability or mood swings
  • Having a hard time remembering things
  • Physical symptoms include nausea / others stomach issues related to persistent anxiety around sleep
  • Tightness in one chest slash increased heart rate when thinking about sleep
  • Sweating chills and hyper ventilation / other trouble breathing when one thinks about sleeping

Other signs of soma phobia revolve around coping techniques some people about to leave for lights tv on music for distraction other turn to substances including alcohol to reduce feelings or fear around sleep


  • Some sleep disorders can there be in its development in during sleep paralysis this sleep disorder occurs when one wakes up from rm sleep with his or her muscles paralyzed making it hard to move.
  • One might experience nightmare like healthy nations and can make sleep paralysis very frightening especially if one has a recurring episodes.
  • Nightmare disordered this causes frequent vivid night nightmares that often causes district throughout plants day one might find ourselves thinking back to scenes from the nightmares feel afraid of what happened in one stream or worry about having more night mares.
  • Experiencing trauma/posttraumatic stress dis- order can both contribute to nightmares comic and also a fair of sleep one might also their things that could happen while one is sleeping such as burglary, fire or other disaster.
  • Somniphobia has also been linked to care of dying worrying about dying in one sleep might eventually lead to fear of falling asleep at all it is also possible to develop somniphobia  without eclair cause phobias open develop in childhood so 1 may not remember exactly when his / her fair begin or why.


People are more likely to develop a specific phobia if their close family members also has a phobia or as a history of anxiety.

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