Sleep Phobia or Somniphobia| Diagnosis & Treatment


Usually sleep phobia are diagnosed as fair and anxiety cause distress and difficulty in once everyday life.

  • One is diagnosed with somniphobia if one square off sleeping affect sleep quality.
  • Negatively affects physical / emotional health causes of persistent anxiety and stress related to sleep.
  • Causes problems at work school / personal life.
  • Has lasted for more than 6 months.
  • Causes want to put off / avoid sleep as much as possible.
Sleep Phobia


Not all phobias required treatment in some cases it’s fairly easy to avoid the object once there but sleep phobia can have serious physical and mental health consequences treatment depends on the underlying cause of sleep phobia for example if one has a sleep anxiety addressing that you may resolve somniphobia but for most cases exposure therapy is the most effective treatment option.

EXPOSURE THERAPY:  It includes discussing the spare, using relaxation techniques and then imagining what it would be like to get a good night sleep.

 it involves images of people sleep who appeared to be comfortable resting then when one has master these cues one may be encouraged to take brief naps with a partner parents / trusted friend present in the house to reinforce that he or she can wake up safely

COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY (CBT):  This approach helps one identify and work through fair related to sleep people learn to challenge the thoughts when they experience them and aeroplane them so they cost less distress another approach is sleep destruction it involves going to bed and getting up at specific time regardless of our how much sleep one actually get this helps once body develop better sleep patterns which can be helpful for somniphobia when combined with cognitive behavioural therapy


Warning: It is very important to consult a physician or a psychiatrist for treating depression or anxiety or any sleep related disorders. Please Do not take any medications without consulting any Medical Practitioner.

Certain drugs can reduce symptoms of fear and anxiety and may be helpful when used along with therapy.

Certain medication includes beta blockers help one maintain a study heart rate and blood pressure from rising.

BENZODIAZEPINES: They are type of sedative that can help with anxiety symptoms they can be edited so there are not meant for a long time to be used. One must consult a psychiatrist or a physician before taking these medications.

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