What are the Symptoms of Clinomania?

Symptoms of Clinomania

A person with clinomania can have following symptoms of clinomania:

  • As soon as a person wakes up, he/se may have a deep desire to crawl back into the bed.
  • They try to do everything from bed, eat breakfast, read, write, surf mobile internet etc
  • There is never too much time spend in bed.
  • They often daydream about being in bed.
  • They think of leaving the bed is daunting as leaving the womb and feel as a herculean task  to leave the quilt.
  • The best part of the day is when they reunite with their bed
  • They only prefer sleeping than doing anything else.
  • Some people feel as if they are ill and have some grave disease.

When people ask Clinomaniac’s about their hobby, they confidently reply is ‘SLEEPING.’ This is the main symptoms of clinomania.

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